Wes Parks

Therapist. Human. Son. Mate. Realistic idealist. Champion of social justice. Artist. Writer. Grown-up Lost Boy. TBD...

Why am I here?


You probably noticed a lot of descriptors after my name. When I think about who I am, there is no one single thing that defines me. That's true for all of us. It’s important to see ourselves for all that we are, rather than trying to compartmentalize for the sake of survival or convenience. The world around us certainly demands a lot for all of those roles. When we have some form of hurt, it does not affect just one part of our life. Depression is not limited to our love lives. Anxiety happens outside of our work as a cubicle farmer or corporate titan. ADHD does not show up only at school or in the boardroom. Grief doesn’t take a vacation from social obligations. Alcohol and drug addition still affect us the morning after. Personality traits tend to be everywhere, not just with the people who get on our nerves.


We are entire people and any time something is amiss it can touch our lives in many, many ways. Some days it’s enough to make a person…..well….look at a therapy website!

Do you find yourself having more bad days than good ones? Are there times it feels like one more thing in your world will make you snap? Tired of constantly fighting over money and laundry and who fed the dog last? Tapped out by the demands of social media? Relationship problems? How about lacking general direction in your life and wanting to explore more of who you are and want you want in the world? These are problems we all face at some point or another. It is part of the human condition, and no life lived well comes without a few trying times.

Can this help me?


Clients seek therapy for many reasons. They may be struggling with depression, cognitive problems, social isolation, life crisis, career concerns, anxiety, mood problems, addiction, family dysfunction, parenting education, and so on. Sometimes, clients may want to have a diagnostic examination to determine what the next step should be or because they were referred by their physician or another professional. The decision to seek therapy, or testing to better understand your functioning, can be daunting.


There are so many professionals offering all manner of therapy or testing services. How will you know who is the right fit for your needs? Who will best be able to understand you?  Setting up a consultation can help in making this decision easier for you. Consulting with a therapist can help you better understand your life, and explore ways to improve your functioning to help you live your best life.



I highly encourage you to make this investment in your life, your health, and your future happiness.

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